28/08/2020 30/08/2020
Zürich - Switzerland
Venue: Dervish In Progress Workshop
Address: Waldmannstrasse 9
Zipcode: 8001 Zürich
Phone: +41 76 233 34 77
Email: info@rahil.ch

Ziya Azazi (TR/AT) is internationally renowned for his contemporary, experimental approach to Sufi dance. His choreographies transform the usual whirling dervish image into a spectacular form, with a high level of speed, tension and emotion. His performances have thrilled audiences in over 50 countries, and he has been teaching in over 30 countries.
The workshop offers a space for the participants where they can challenge their personal limits through whirling. By confronting and accepting unknown perceptual conditions of body and space, participants develop a higher level of physical, emotional and mental awareness, and discover innovative movement.
The workshop does not require any prior dance experience, just the motivation to engage with your body and the whirling movement. People with prior experience in whirling will equally benefit, since Ziya is guiding everyone independent of their level of skill.
Workshop times: Fri 28 Aug 17:00-21:00, Sat 29 Aug 12:00-18:00, Sun 30 Aug 12:00-17:00
Location: Aula of «Freie Evangelische Schule Zürich», Waldmannstr. 9 (central, near lake)
Workshop fee: SFr. 290.- (260€)
Workshop languages are German and English (depending on the participants).
The number of participants is limited, according to the current Covid protection concept.
Jacqueline Frick, info@rahil.ch, +41 76 233 34 77