09/06/2020 14/06/2020
Antalya - Turkey
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Time: 18:00
Venue: DIP & PROBE Summer Retreat
Address: Kalemler koyu yolu
Zipcode: evrenseki, 07600
Phone: +436605808182

DIP & PROBE RETREAT, 9th-14th June (at TADAH)

DIP (Dervish In Progress) suggests a space and time to enhance physical awareness, mental understanding and emotional sensitivity trough spinning to reach greater goals in life. Spinning helps to mobilize body, mind and emotions which gradually leads in to profound self. Thereby it happens remarkable discovery about personality, life and existing, and its periodic training increases resiliency, coherency and predictive power in every sense.

PROBE (Projects of Being)’s suggestion is to experience sound as a healing device within our lives. It aims enhancement of awareness through blending the traditional methods with the contemporary ones and transferring it to the daily life. It is an encounter for mentioning about the affect and place of sound on various segments of life, like existence, health and relations.

DIP & PROBE, sees each other as complementary disciplines. They are a workshop to expose real potential of body, mind and heart for greater understanding. A retreat for individuals to grasp personal, local, global and even maybe universal subjects with the help of various velocities, frequencies and intensities experienced in spinning and sound-works.

DIP & PROBE RETREAT designed as all-inclusive workshop (except airport transfer, drinks & snacks). The aim is to assure workshop participants are free and can concentrate fully on the workshop, relax in their free time and having a wonderful time with each other.

• 5 Full days of double workshopping
• 5 Nights of accommodation
• Individual sessions
• 3 Meals a day, coffee & tea
• Access to an open kitchen for special needs
• 2 Comfy dormitories for 6 & 8 people
• 2 Double-bed rooms (50 € addition per person)

€ 595 = Regular
€ 495 = (+60) and (-25) Age groups

-%20 = Early Bird (till 1st March)
-%10 = Early Bird (till 1st May)

?A %30 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your place. The balance payment in cash or by bank transfer. Any cancellations should be done two weeks in advance for refund of the balance payment only (deposit is non-refundable)

? projectsofbeing@gmail.com
? dervishinprogress@gmail.com
☎ +4369919543878
☎ +436605808182


TADAH is a training space, a big permaculture garden and a four story house with a natural pool in the south coast of Turkey, Antalya. It’s a place, a habitat for visitors where they can live & create, train & play, learn & inspire one another while they breath fresh air, eat healthy food and get vitamin D from the sun.

TADAH provides environment for intensive education with talented teachers from all over the world. Participants will have the chance to improve their knowledge and practice with professionals in their field while enjoying community and fresh organic food from the garden and local area.

7/24 access to the glass house studio surrounded by trees and a biological pool means you can choose to spend your free time training, swimming, drinking or relaxing at tree terrace, in any isolated chilling spot, in the garden or hanging out in the huge community area in the house. For accommodation there are 2 comfy dormitories for 6 and 8 people. There are also additionally 2 double-bed rooms for couples or visitors prefer having private sphere