05/10/2019 16/10/2019
Muğla - Turkey
Time: 18:00
Venue: Dip-Tep Formation, (2nd Module)
Address: köyü hayıtbükü mevki datça
Zipcode: 48900 Muğla


The prerequisites for participating in the formation are:
– Just DIP-Core Data absolvents can participate
– At least in the last 2-years to be busy with any educational or physical discipline
– Those who complete FORMATION are deemed to have completed 20 DIP days (60 spinning hours)
– DIP – Formation Certificate will be awarded to those who have successfully completed written, oral and applied exams at the end of 2nd-year and completed 60 DIP days (180 spinning hours).

* 11 Nights of accommodation
* Check-in afternoon on the first day
* 10 Full days of DIP-TEP’ing
* Daily DIPasanas, DIP Warmups & Sessions, interactive theoretical & practical training
* After dinner meetings, monitoring records from early training, feedbacking
* Delicious, assorted Turkish Village Breakfasts, vegetarian lunches, barbecue dinners
* Accommodation in bungalows for 3-4 pax or bring your tents
(single or double bungalows on additional charge)
* Check out at noon on last day