DIP 2020 ISTANBUL WORKSHOPS start at Janus Yoga in Ataşehir.

Spinning, which we often see in the traditions of Sufism, is experienced in many different ways & various geographies, contrary to what has been assumed for centuries. Dervish in Progress, as a new terminology, offers space and time to individuals who believe in free thought and understanding!

In this workshop; As a 50-year-old son of a tailor from country side, an engineer who has been dancing for 30 years in cites and a global artist who has been performing “spinning” for 20 years, Ziya Azazi explains how we can benefit from this fascinating tool we call it “spinning/ whirling” as an instrument in our daily-life. DIP Workshop is a great tool for participants to perceive and improve their physical, emotional and mental boundaries, to increase their awareness and make personal updates.

This workshop, which is open to adult participants of all levels/ages/skills, will take place as 3 meetings.

Note: We recommend that you bring comfortable and flexible clothing, towels, spare linen, comfortable and light dance shoes or thick socks.


3-4-5 APR 2020
22-23-24 MAY 2020
3-4-5 JULI 2020
4-5-6 SEP 2020
27-28-29 NOV 2020

Location: Janus Yoga Studio, Metropol Istanbul A Block, Floor 1, D: 19, 34758 Atasehir, Istanbul

Price: 800TL (125€)

Janus Yoga Studio,


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